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Welcome to Kanyathon 2021.


Welcome to the PHYSICAL RUN.

Wear the Kanyathon T-Shirt and have a safe run with your fellow participants on a tried and tested route as we uphold all COVID safety protocols. Each step you run would make the life of a girl child have a brighter future.
Kanyathon 2021 needs your support, especially to give back to society to help them through these troubled times.
Do look at the run categories listed below, the exciting prizes to be won and goodies for you.

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Covid – Standard Operating Procedure

  • Body temperature of one & all will be checked by a non-contact thermometer (wrist/forehead) before being allowed to enter the venue.
  • Non participants will be restricted in a specific zone. They will not be allowed to enter the track area at any point. They should wear masks at all time.
  • Participants have to carry an Government ID card / Entry pass issued by KANYATHON at all times in the venue.
  • Participants will enter the venue wearing the bib and mask. They will stand in the earmarked circle or Cones and maintain standard social distancing.
  • 10KM participants will be monitored by minimum of 10 volunteers to support them.
  • 5KM participants will be monitored by minimum of 10 volunteers to support them.
  • Participants can carry their own sanitizer or use the ones provided at the venue.
  • All participants will wear masks when not on Track. During Medical check up and Physio masks have to be worn without fail.
  • All volunteers and officials at the venue will be wearing mask, face shield and gloves.
  • All used tissues and other use and throw items to be disposed in the designated area.
  • Medals and Masks will be placed on table at the Finish Line. Participants can pick them before going out of the track area.
  • Participants who finished earlier will not be allowed to wait for their friends/family at the finish line.
  • Race started with a batches of 500 at a time to avoid crowding on road and venue.