Welcome to Kanyathon

Kanyathon is an annual charity marathon run organized by the students of IFIM Institutions in association with CRY (Child Rights and You) which is an Indian NGO that works to ensure children their right to safety, education, and health. The proceeds generated from Kanyathon are utilized towards the welfare of girl children. We, the IFIM students have successfully managed this event for 9 years and have seen a footfall grow from 600 registrations to 7000 participants in 2020. We also work in projects in collaboration with CRY to deploy the funds through our Social Immersion Program in our adopted villages in Kolar which have been demarcated as an area of high need by the government.

Kanyathon 2020 was a family fun-filled fiesta and we continued our tradition of the 3K Family run where children and adults ran together. Dance performances by our peers, drummers and children cheerleaders raised the spirits of the runners followed by a hearty breakfast. Fun and entertainment filled activities were conducted at the Kids Corner. All in all, we the students aimed to make the event a day to enjoy with entire family. Kanyathon 2021 needs your support, especially to give back to society to help them through these troubled times. We have a Virtual Run, a Physical Run, E Gaming and a Virtual Engagement program for sessions in Fitness and Health. Do look at the run categories listed below, the exciting prizes to be won and goodies for you.

Since its inception 2011, Kanyathon has been pivotal in helping the socio-economically deprived communities, with special emphasis on the empowerment of the girl child. In 2019 alone, Kanyathon together with CRY was able to help 182,222 girls enrol in schools, 804 villages were freed from child labour, 10,114 children were immunized and 13,330 were brought out of malnutrition. All in all, a startling number of 364,818 children were impacted.

Kanyathon’s support to the society continued in the pandemic 2020. IFIM Institutions has adopted five villages in the Kolar district under the government’s Unnat Bharat Abhiyan scheme. 1.7 lakh children below the age of 6 in Kolar of which 35.7% of children below the age of 5 years are underweight or undernourished. In Tekal Panchayath, only 6 to 7 children are enrolled in Anganwadi centres which provide free midday meals. About 90-95% of children dropped out of the AWCs or have enrolled in private pre-schools.

With the schools shut down and the Anganwadi center non-functional due to the pandemic, the children in the villages of Kolar do not have access to formal education and basic nutrition – in these trying times. Children being shut in their homes they are more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

The setback due to the pandemic has become the driving force for Kanyathon 2021, and we are motivated to help the girl child rebuild her future and her dreams which were shattered over the last year. IFIM in collaboration with CRY have launched the “Post Covid Resilience Building Program “at Kolar. Our projects have impacted the children in areas of Education, Nutrition, Health and Safety. 650 children between 0-6 years regularly are now receiving daily dry nutrition and over 800 school children are getting midday meal take-home rations. There are many more stories of goodness on our Impact pages. 2021 Kanyathon funds will go towards facilitating an Education center to provide skills in English and Computer literacy to girls and young women. All this is only possible if you participate in Kanyathon 2021. So, please do register and be a part of this noble initiative.