6-month Certificate Programme in

Healthcare Operations

Service Management (HOSM)

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Offered by IFIM Business School in partnership with Falcon Skills

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When does the program start? What is the fee schedule?


Program will start on 16th January 2017.


Fee schedule is as follows:


Total Course Fee: Rs 3,00,000 (Three lacs only).


Student Loan facility will be made available to candidates who meet the eligibility criteria and as per the norms of the financial institutions.




2. What is the selection process?


The selection process includes the following


  • Review of application form and Statement of Purpose (SOP) by admission committee
  • Personal interview for shortlisted candidates




3. What does the program fee include?


The program fee includes tuition fees and study materials. This is a day scholar program. All the academic facilities will be available as per IFIM rules.


The Fee is exclusive of Hostel accommodation, Food & Travel to college or internship locations. Hostel Accommodation can be facilitated to students who prefer to stay closer to the campus. Details of the fee schedule can be obtained on request over email at hosm@ifim.edu.in


4. How do I pay my program fee?


Feel free to call 9900067704/6/ for fee payment instructions, or email us at hosm@ifim.edu.in


5. Job placement


Candidates will be facilitated with placement support with potential employers. Also, a key aspect of the program is the 3 month intensive internship program that will bring program participants in direct contact with leaders in organizations in healthcare industry.


6. What roles for HOSM prepare me for?


HOSM prepares candidates for various roles in different disciplines in the non-medical services in the Healthcare Administration. The roles range from mid to senior level administrative and management profiles depending on the suitability, skill sets and pre-course experience.


Benefits for Hospitals


1. Why should hospitals hire from HOSM program?


HOSM program takes candidates from the healthcare industry and trains them in the best in class healthcare management skills. Hospitals are often stretched for resources and look for productivity from candidates from the day they join the workforce. They do not have the luxury of time and cannot afford to let employees ramp up for extended period of time before they become productive.



Here, HOSM program presents “Hands on” and Job ready manpower to take up assignments in the non-medical services. Hence, this saves ramp up costs for hospitals.


2. As far as candidates are concerned, how are the candidates different from those of other healthcare management program?


HOSM candidates have strong conceptual & practical exposure to all key & critical areas of hospital administration.


The 3 month internship program brings them up to speed with the best management practices in hospitals. The intensive internship program is a key differentiator for our candidates. The internship and course training equips candidates with Out of box thinking and solution development approach with holistic understanding of all aspects of non-clinical areas in healthcare delivery & administration. Rigorous “On the job training” and internship mentoring gives the candidate exposure into the best practices in the best hospitals.


The program’s learning methodologies and discerning faculty are drawn from the best leadership practitioners in the healthcare administration.


This course is among the first of its kind  with comprehensive understanding of all aspects of non-clinical services and its linkages with clinical services for seamless healthcare delivery.


3. What roles can candidates fit in a hospital/healthcare industry?


The candidates are trained across several critical functions in hospital management. Hence, they have skills that are fungible to handle all functions in the healthcare administration. This provides flexibility for hospital management team to deploy them as per their operational strategy.


Also, our candidates will be highly adept in multitasking with exposure to various actual & simulated on the ground situations.

Course Duration

Six Months Full Time

(three months academia plus three months’ internship in hospital setting)

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